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How to provide your Android users with a remote IT support tool

In these times of home office and social distancing, not only has remote management of mobile devices become a vital component of the corporate IT landscape, but so too has remote IT support. As an administrator, you can utilize remote support tools such as TeamViewer, to gain direct access to your users’ mobile devices.


In this How To we take TeamViewer Host as an example and then show you how to use the Cortado administration portal to configure the app and then distribute it to all users. This will allow you to mirror your users' Android devices directly onto your computer if necessary and support them in solving problems.


  • Select Administration→ Apps.
  • Next tap on the Plus button and then on Android→ Google Play Store Apps (see the article Add Android apps from the Google Play Store)
  • Search and find the TeamViewer Host app and then tap on Select (arrow in illus.). The app will then be added to the Cortado administration portal.

a screen shot of the teamviewer host page.

a screenshot of a computer.

  • Enter the configuration ID, from TeamViewer's Management Console into the corresponding column (arrow in illus., example). This will automatically assign the user's Android device to your TeamViewer account after starting TeamViewer Host.

a screenshot of a screenshot of a contact form.

  • Then click on Done→ Save.
  • Then select the TeamViewer Host app (left arrow in illus.) and click on Assign (right arrow in illus.) to distribute the managed configuration of TeamViewer Host to the users/groups/devices.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

  • The user must then start the app on his device.
Note! The default policy Allow apps to display over other apps (arrow in illus.) under Administration→ Policies→ Android→ Fully managed devices must not be disabled.

a screenshot of a web page with the policy configuration option highlighted.

Note! For Android devices in kiosk mode, also read our help article How to use remote IT support tools on Android devices in Kiosk mode.
Note! For more information on using TeamViewer, please refer to the TeamViewer manual.

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