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How to update the Cortado app for Android devices in kiosk mode

If a fully managed Android device is in kiosk mode, the Cortado app must be updated via the Administration Portal.


The Cortado app cannot simply be updated in the Play Store when it is in kiosk mode. Because the Play Store does not update applications that are pinned The app update must therefore be distributed to the fully managed Android devices using the Administration Portal.


  • In the Cortado Administration Portal, open Administration→ Apps.
  • Select the Android managed app Cortado by Cortado AG (left arrow in illus.). Make sure that the bundle ID is (right arrow in illus.).
  • Select under the Aspect Actions→Rollout on assigned users (middle arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a computer screen with the control panel highlighted.

The Cortado app is updated and kiosk mode is automatically resumed after the update.

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