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How to update the Goolge Play Store on fully managed devices with a working profile (COPE)

When using fully managed Android devices with a working profile (COPE), you may encounter problems when using the private Play Store. These problems occur when an outdated version of the Play Store app is used.


In this how-to, we will show you how to fix the issues by updating the Play Store and then restarting the device.


When users search the private Play Store for any app for the private part of the device, the search does not yield any results. This is a known bug in an older version of the Google Play Store.

In this case, users open the settings in the Play Store (arrow in the left image) and then tap on Play Store Version (arrow in the right image).

a screenshot of a cell phone with the settings highlighted.

A new version from the Play Store is downloaded and installed (left illus.). This process can take a few minutes. Following the update of the Play Store, an error message is displayed (right illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone with the google play button highlighted.

Now the device has to be restarted. After the restart, the search in the Play Store works again without problems.

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