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08/25/22 – Cortado MDM with new features

Improved managed configuration for Android

Improved Google Play Store

Improved managed configuration for Android

We've reworked the managed configurations for Android apps for you. Managed configurations allow apps to be configured appropriately for end users. 

You can now find them in the same place where the managed configurations for iOS are already located, in the top menu of the app management.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

Thanks to the new design and clear structure, creating a managed configuration is now much easier. Another new feature is that you can now create multiple configurations for the same app and then assign them to different users or group templates. For example, the Gmail app can be preconfigured with server name, email address and synchronization interval. For more information, see our help article Creating managed configurations for Android apps.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the message manager configuration.

If you have already set up managed configurations for Android app in the past, you will not lose them. As long as you don't want to make any changes to your existing managed configurations, you don't need to do anything for now. We explain how to migrate your existing configurations in our help article How to update your deprecated managed configurations for Android.

Improved Google Play Store

Importing new Android apps is now even faster. Multiple apps can be easily selected without agreeing to app permissions and imported with one click. The default permissions of the app can still be customized later.

a screenshot of the microsoft excel spreadsheet.

Please find further information in our help article Add Android apps from the Google Play Store.

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