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2. Settings for managing Android devices

Setup steps

  1. Settings for managing iPhones/iPads
  2. Settings for managing Android devices
  3. Create groups and users
  4. Create policies
  5. Import apps
  6. Set up devices

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to create Managed Google Play accounts for your users. The steps required for this are briefly summarized below. You can find detailed instructions here >>>

Set up Managed Google Play

  • In the administration portal, select Administration→ Settings→ Android Enterprise→ Enroll Android Enterprise.

enroll Android Enterprise

  • You will be redirected to the Google page.
  • Sign in there with a Google account. Then follow the setup steps on the Google web page.  
  • All the data required for Managed Google Play has been automatically stored in the adminstration portal under Administration→ Settings→ Android Entrprise→ Configur

a screenshot of the configurator screen.

Note! By default, synchronization of Cortado-managed mobile devices takes place every 30 minutes. If you want profiles and policies to be pushed to users' devices immediately, you will also need to create a Goolge Firebase project. To the instructions >>>

Continue to Create Groups and Users >>

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