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Embedding company-owned iOS/iPadOS devices via Device Enrollment (deprecated!)

Note! This method is obsolete and will be discontinued soon. New customers should therefore no longer use this method. Existing customers are recommended to switch to the integration of devices using Apple Business Manager as soon as possible (see article Embedding company-owned iOS/iPadOS devices (COBO/COPE).

Device Enrollment is recommended for company-owned devices that are not managed via ADE. These devices can be in either supervised or unsupervised mode. However, supervised mode (Supervised Device) should be favored here. When a device is supervised, there are considerably more control options available. There are, for example, a far greater range of policies for supervised devices. Unsupervised, company-owned devices can also be embedded using Device Enrollment.

Note! In this mode, a clear separation between private and work areas is not possible. For this reason, this type of embedding should not be used for devices that are the private property of the user.

Proceed as follows:

  • Using the Apple Configurators, place the device in supervised mode (optional). Carry this out as described in the Apple user guide.
  • Select the user under Administration→ Users (upper left arrow in illus.) and then tap on Enroll Device (lower left arrow in illus.). 
  • Then tap on iOS/iPadOS (right arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a web page with a number of options.

  • Here select Device Enrollment (arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

Note! Alternatively, you can also integrate the devices via Administration→ Devices, by clicking on the plus button. There you also first select the desired user(s) and then Enroll Device. Then you can select the platform and the method as above.
  • Use the camera on the iOS/iPadOS to scan the QR code.

a screenshot of a cell phone with a qr code.

  • This will automatically load the MDM profile onto the device (see illus.).

a cell phone showing the profile downloaded success popup.

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