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How to create a Google Maps API key for Cortado Server

From Version 11.0 Cortado Server uses Google Maps to provide a map view of mobile devices in lost mode. To enable these maps to be loaded, you need your own Google Maps API key.


In this How-To we show you how to create a Google Maps API key and how to embed it into Cortado Server.


Creating aGoogle Maps API-Key

Prerequisite: You require a domain that has been registered with Google. You can find further information at
  • Open the Google Cloud console at: and log in with your Google account. 
  • Create a Google Maps API key, as described by Google on the website. You can also find a full step by step guide on the creation of API Keys on this website.
  • During the creation of your API key you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. The use of the key is not cost free. However, you will only incur a charge if the card is accessed more than 28.500 times per month. This is extremely unlikely to occur for use in lost mode.

Storing Google Maps API keys on the Cortado server 

As the maps showing lost devices can be displayed once in the Cortado administration portal and once in the user portal, you have to store the API key in two different places.

Storing the key for the user portal:

  • Use the following path to open the Cortado Server in Windows Explorer: 

    C:\Program Files\Cortado Server\WebApps\web\up\configuration.json

  • and add this code to it:
"Environment": "qa",
"ApiUrl": "/api/mdm/v2",
"MapKey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  • Insert your API key in the appropriate place.

Storing the key for the administration portal:

  • Download Tooling for Cortado Server 11.0 ( from our Download site.
  • Open the DbConfigTool and, from there, select MainConfigurationGeneralGoogleMapsApiKey.
  • Double click on GoogleMapsApiKey (left arrow in the illus.) and enter your API key there (right arrow in the illus.).

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