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02/19/21 – Apple is replacing the root certificate for the Apple Push Notification Service

In preparation for the final transition of the device notification service (Apple Push Notification Service) to the HTTP2 protocol on 1st April 2021 (to the notification), Apple is now also replacing the root certificate. 

Important! Please ensure that the new root certificate from Sectigo is correctly installed as the Trusted Root Certificate Authority in the local certificate store (Local Machine) before 1st April 2021 on all Windows servers on which Cortado Server is running. For more information, see our How-To.

Otherwise, from 1st April 2021, the Cortado Server will be unable to contact any iOS/iPadOS devices until the installation has been completed. 

Further details can be found here.

If you are already using our cloud solution – Cortado MDM –, then, of course, there is no further action required of you. The trust position for the new CA will be established by us at the appropriate time and fully automatically. You can find more information on our German-hosted, GDPR-compliant MDM solution under 

If you need support to update Cortado Server, you can get assistance from our consulting team under

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