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Removing or destroying a license key

Removing a license key

Destroying a license key

Removing a license key

It is possible to delete license keys from the license manager. Then the software can no longer be accessed with these license keys. If the license key was only deleted (and not destroyed) it can be re-entered, in which case the registration key will remain the same. Therefore any pre-existing activation key can be re-entered.

Note that you can not reinstall license keys once they have been destroyed, not even if they had been activated.
  • If you select a license key in License Manager you can choose Remove License in the context menu (upper arrow in illus.).

  • Confirm the subsequent security query with Yes.

Destroying a license key

Alter­natively, it is possible to destroy a license key.

  • If you highlight a license key in license manager, you can select Destroy in the context menu (lower arrow illus.).
  • You will then be asked, if you are sure to with to destroy the license. If in doubt, choose Cancel.

If you choose Ok, a window will open, giving you information about the license key deleted.

  • Record this information (the license key, the registra­tion key and the 4-digit code) or save a screen shot.

Note! If necessary, the 4-digit code number can be found in the Event Viewer of the computer on which the License Manager runs (Windows Logs→ Application→ Source: TPLicMMC).

Note! If you have accidentally destroyed a license key, you can apply for a replacement from ThinPrint or Cortado. To do this you need the license key, the registration key and the 4-digit code, as shown in.

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