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Defining password settings for the Cortado Workplace App

You can specify the pass­word settings for the Cortado Worklplace app here.

  • Select Administration→ Settings→ User Logon.
  • Then click on Configure (arrow in illus.).

Global Settings: User Logon

Then select:

Logon Settings

Under Maximum failed logon attempts in the Logon Settings tab, you can set the number of fail attempts permitted for password entry.

set the number of fail attempts

If a value is entered, users will be deactivated for Cortado, if they exceed the permitted number of attempts.

Cortado-App wurde gesperrt (Beispiel iOS)

You can reactivate them subsequently for Cortado by selecting the user in Control Panel→ Users highlighting the Checkbox Account Enabled in Settings→ Edit (see the section Configure access permissions.

Control Panel→ Users→ Settings: reactivate user account

Cortado Password

This option is currently not available. Please do not make any settings here.

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