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Easy Enterprise File Access from Any Device

Access to files is the first step to file sharing. With its apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as its web app, Cortado offers state-of-the-art tools in this area. In addition, documents remain where they were before the implementation of Cortado – on the company’s central file server. Employees can access all existing documents, while all rights and compliance rules are fully adhered to. This allows documents to be easily shared with employees in the back office. 

User connectivity via Workplace app

User connectivity via web app

User connectivity via Workplace app

The Workplace app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. In the section Adding Cortado Workplace app, you will learn how to install and configure the Workplace app. After installation and configuration of the app all enabled options are available to the users.

app icon and start page (example for Android)

Instructions for using the Cortado app are available for iOS and Android.

start page of the Cortado app on an Apple iPod (left) and an Android device (right)

User connectivity via web browser (web app)

With the web app, users are able to access shared corporate network drives, to edit files and folders, from any browser and device (e. g. PC, Mac, Laptop). The web app can be opened in any internet browser without any further installation or configuration.

Login to the Cortado web app (via PC browser)

The web app is accessible via following link:


This link is part of the welcome email.

Users may utilize all options with web app you assigned to them. 

start page of the web app in browser on PC

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