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Import PowerShell modules and log on


Import modules

Save credentials


Log in to the Cortado server using the CortadoService account.

  • Run PowerShell for the first time as administrator.
  • Set the policies to import and use the PowerShell modules that have been cre­ated when installing Cortado Server.
  • To do so, enter the following command during the first use (upper arrow in illus.):

Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned

  • Confirm the adjustment of the Policy with Y for Yes (lower arrow in illus.).

Set PowerShell rights one-time

Import modules

Each time you open a PowerShell session or run a script, you have to import the PowerShell modules.

  • To do so, enter the following command:

Import-module CCSPowershell

  • Confirm with Enter.
  • Ignore the warning message that is displayed.

Importing PowerShell Modules

Save credentials

To connect via PowerShell with the Cortado server, generate the credentials of the Cortado-Service account as a variable.

  • To do so, enter the following command (example) (upper arrow in illus.):

$ccsCred =Get-Credential

  • Confirm with Enter.
  • A window opens, enter the password of CortadoService account (lower arrow in illus.) and confirm with OK.

 Enter password to log in to the Cortado server via PowerShell

Now you can connect to the Cortado server while sending the credentials of the Cor­tadoService account in the variable.

  •  Enter a command as shown in the following example (upper arrow in illus.):

Connect-CCSFarm -CCSUrl -PSCredential $ccsCred

  • Confirm with Enter.
  • Afterwards, you get the following message (lower arrow in illus.):

Successfully connected to CCSFarm

Successfully connected to Cortado server via PowerShell

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