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Printing to network printers

On the Cortado server printers, managed over a print server and listed in the Active Directory can be assigned to the users. Printers not listed in the AD can also be assigned using the server address. If there is no print server available, the printers can also be created directly on the Cortado server.

The printers are then available to users in the Workplace app.

Preset network printers

If the user triggers a print job in the Workplace app, an HTTPS request, together with the file path, goes to the Cortado server. The Cortado server retrieves the file from the file server and sends it on to the print server, where it is rendered.


Shared Printer: Print jobs are rendered on the print server, where the drivers are installed and sent to the network printer

  • In Administration→ Users or Administration→ Group Tem­plates, select the tab Printers (middle arrow in Illus.) and select the users or templates (left arrow in Illus.), for whom you want to set printers.
  • Select Printers→ Add on the right (right arrow in Illus.).

Adding a printer to a group template

The following dialog opens:

Select printer type

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