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Configuration fails after updating User Management (1)

Problem: In certain circumstances (when updating older versions of Cortado Server (pre 9.0)) it can happen, that in the final stage of the update, the configuration of User Management in the configuration assistant fails.

Possible causes

The principal reason for failure in this stage of the configuration is users who are still maintained as users in the Cortado management console, but for whom there is no corresponding account in the Active Directory. By double clicking on the failed step, you will receive a further error message. If this notification refers to an SID, you can attempt to correct the error yourself, as described in the following. In all other cases, please make a copy of the error message and open a Support Ticket.


  • Close the configuration assistant and start the Cortado Log Manager, which you can download here for your version of Cortado Server. It can be located in Cortado Server Tooling, if not listed separately.
  • In the Log Manager, select CCSA from the left side (arrow in illus.). There are no additional settings required here.

  • Then proceed as follows:
    • Restart the configuration assistant and run through the configuration process, until you encounter the error again. You can identify the user name by searching for the referenced SID in the log.
    • In User Management of the management console, you can now locate and remove the user in question. So long as the CCSA has not run completely, it will not be possible to call up the management console with its external name. However, you can open the management console on the Cortado server itself, with https://localhost/fw.
  • Repeat these steps until the configuration assistant runs through without errors.

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