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Reconfiguration for external users fails

Problem: Preparing a project with external participants is aborted with the error message Reconfiguration failed.

Possible causes

1. The proxy server’s client certificate has expired.

2. There are no, or too few, activated licenses present.

3. The user is not authorized to create projects with external participants.

4. The mail server can’t be reached. /The Cortado server is not permitted to send emails.


1. Check that the client certificate for the proxy server is still valid. On the proxy server, open MMC→ Certificates (Local Computer)→ Personal→ Certificates. If the certificate has expired, proceed as described in the article How to extend the client certificate of the proxy server.

a screenshot of a proxy certificates.

Rerun the Configuration Assistant on the proxy server. Upload the new client certificate there.

upload new client certificate

2. Open the license manager on the proxy server. Check if there are enough activated licenses available. Purchase new licenses if necessary.

3. Check in the management console under Control Panel→ User→ Settings, whether the user concerned is authorized to create external projects (arrow in illus.). If necessary, enable the corresponding checkbox.

enable checkbox External projects

4. Check if the details for the mail server have been entered correctly in the management console under Control Panel→ Global Settings→ Mail. Adjust the settings if necessary.

a screenshot of a computer screen showing the settings for the system.

Check the functionality by sending an email to an external user from the Cortado server using the command line and SMTP. If that is not possible, check on the exchange server whether the CortadoService account (or its mailbox) is authorised to send emails on behalf of those doing the inviting. Change the settings if needed.

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